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Yonder UC: The Cloud-based Phone Solution for Today’s Digital Workforce

  • by Donnie Evans

As an office manager or business owner, choosing the right telephone system can be complicated and confusing. When you research online or seek out help from some tech companies, you get bombarded with an alphabet soup of jargon like PBX, VoIP, PRI, and SIP. If you find yourself wondering, “What does that even mean?” Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place.

One of the more common terms, PBX, stands for Private Branch Exchange phone systems. PBX systems can be quite costly and require equipment to be installed and maintained onsite. These WERE the gold standard for privacy, connectivity, and functionality in the past.

But that has changed. We’re a digital workforce now. No longer limited by walls and headquarters. Because we rely less on in-person contact, we demand more virtual connectedness.

That’s where Yonder UC enters the picture.

Yonder hosted phone service provides business-class telephone services to organizations through the cloud, allowing employees to connect to the organization’s phone system from virtually anywhere with a broadband internet service.

Imagine having the power to choose when and where your “office line” rings depending on your work location and needs for that particular day or week. Maybe this week it’s Monday and Tuesday to your iPad since you’re working at home, Wednesday in the office, and Thursday and Friday to your cell phone because you’re on the road. Next week, it can be something completely different. The flexibility and mobility is each individual user’s choice to make.

With Yonder, that level of flexibility and mobility is provided with NO additional cost to the organization.

Even better – Yonder UC has the premium features that modern businesses demand: HD call quality, local and toll-free numbers, unlimited device connections for users (deskphones, tablets, PC’s, softphones), voicemail messages sent to email, call conferencing, and much more. Plus Yonder’s cloud-based servers are placed in geo redundant data centers across the United States, making Yonder UC as reliable as it is easy to use.

Why Should You Yonder?

1. Ease & Simplicity: Simply plug in a phone to the internet, provide power to that phone, and take advantage of all the features of Yonder UC. No onsite voice tech is ever needed. It really is that simple.

2. Reliability: Yonder has more than 20 servers in geo redundant locations and multiple failover options working hard for you in the case of network outages.

3. Features: Yonder provides enterprise features to small and mid-market companies. Need advanced integrations or features? The feature is likely already included in your service.

4. Cost: Yonder Phone provides voice services often at a fraction of the cost of hardware-based installations and maintenance.

Simply put, Yonder UC hosted services use the power of the cloud to make premium services and features available to organizations at a fraction of the cost of traditional onsite PBX proprietary systems.

Get started with Yonder UC today!