Yonder UC Features

With all the included features, you have more time to focus on what you want to do. If you need a game of ping pong, we have a table open. See our comprehensive list of features below.

User Features

Account Codes

Account Codes are used for tracking (billing) purposes. The system will ask the caller to enter the account code (or a client account number) after a number is dialed, and it will then be displayed in the CDR (Call Detail Record) after the call is completed.

Anonymous and Call Rejection

Using this feature, you can block unwanted calls to your phone, as well as calls from anonymous and unwanted numbers.

Busy Lamp Field

A light on an IP Phone or a colored indicator next to a name in a softphone or web client, that tells you whether another extension connected to the same PBX is busy or not.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding Always, Call Forwarding Busy, , Call Forwarding No Answer, Call Forwarding Not Reachable, Find Me (multiple numbers), Sync with Server

Call Reporting

Detailed history of call logs inbound and outbound.

Call Monitoring

Automatic recording, supervisor mode, or silent monitoring

Call Pickup

By department, by domain, or directed call pickup per user

Call Record

Recording of users, groups, conferences, and any other interaction within the organization

Call Status

Real time portal access to organization calls in progress

Call Transfer

Attended Transfer, Blind Transfer, Intercom Transfer, Transfer to VM

Call Waiting

If you are old school

Calling Line ID Blocking

Block unwanted inbound calls from specific caller ID or private/unknown numbers

Client Call Control

Control devices, answering, transfer through an API or the user portal

Conferencing (Multi-Way Calling)

Convene conferences, invite attendees, multiple conference rooms, scheduled or instant conferences, web-based setup

Device Auto Provisioning

Our phones and devices register themselves. No IT intervention is needed. You never have to touch the GUI on a phone

Direct Inward Dialing

You get your own phone number! Special...

Do Not Disturb / Call Rejection

Do Not Disturb and on demand call rejection to VoiceMail

Extension Dialing

You can dial other users. Again... Special...

Hunt Groups

Groups allowing orderly presentation of calls to specific groups of users

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging through Reach UC (via XMPP or SIP SIMPLE)

Intercom Calling

Call with an open microphone. Don't like ringing telephones, calls can just open your mic when presented. Careful...

Last Number Redial

Everyone had this in the 80s

Message Waiting Indicator

How else would you know you have messages? Maybe sending voicemail to email, maybe have the system call you and let you know. We can light a light. Wahoo!


System wide or user selectable. Allow users their own music on hold when they put callers on hold... or don't.

Simultaneous Ring

Ring multiple devices, phones, extensions, iPads, etc... at the same time. Let some ring first and then delay ring others. Up to 25 phone numbers, extensions and devices can ring simultaneously. That's too much!

Video Telephony

Send and receive video calls.


We have Voicemail! Unlimited greetings, timeframes, notifications, forwarding, user GUI for visual voicemail... Too much to list

Web User Portal

Make everything work with a super simple user GUI for each user in the system.

Web Admin Portal

To program system features and to help those users that can't help themselves.

Group Features


Feature to answer and direct calls in a distributed way to users in specified group(s).

Auto Attendants

Provides a voice menu to route callers to extensions, route to groups, or to system resources. Yonder provides unlimited auto attendants.

Barge In

By utilizing the Barge In features(Join Call/Whisper/Listen Only), Call Center Supervisors are able to monitor and manage agents.

Call Park

System wide call park locations with or without ringback. Park keys for BLF available for status indication of held locations

Device Inventory

GUI to show device inventories per user or through entire organization


Add departments to ring groups or distinctively ring based on a user department assignment

Group Instant Messaging

Instant message entire groups in the organization

Hot Desking

Provide a mobile workforce inside the organization allowing users to log into phones and devices and route calls to those based on signed in user

Hunt Groups

Call routing to groups and order your groups to efficiently rout calls

Listen in

Provide supervisors the ability to listen in on calls to monitor quality

Office Manager Portal

To see status of Active calls, call records, call statistics, and provide configuration changes to Auto Attendants, Provisioning, Queues, VoiceMail, call routing, and to help those users that can't help themselves

System Modes

Unlimited modes and timeframes to provide system routing changes quickly on demand or per schedule


System wide, group, internal and external paging within the organization

Simultaneous Ring

Ring up to 25 destinations simlutaneously

System Features

Custom Integrations

Salesforce, Hospitality and Hotel Systems, Click to call from wordpress and other CMS


Access to API for call control, configurable OAuth Permissions, Even subscriptions (webhook)

Fault Tolerant

Active-Active Architecture, Geo-Distributed (New Jersey, Dallas, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Atlanta), Highly Scalable, rolling and hitless upgrades

Security and Fraud Detection

Auto block failed registrations, auto block SIP port scanning, auto block promiscuous SIP

Device Provisioning

Customized directories, domain and device overrides, MAC management, remotely triggered updates, supports major SIP endpoints, zero touch device

Regulatory Compliance

HIPPA compatibility, 911 emergency calling solution, CALEA (lawful intercept)