Below are downloads to assist in getting started. Documents to help initially setup the call routes, users, auto attendants and software to download to make your life easier.

Getting Started Documents


Letter of Authority

Programming Sheets

How do you want the system setup? Users? Names?


Software Downloads

Reach UC Desktop

Desktop Reach UC Softphone

Google Chrome Complete

This ReachUC extension for your Chrome browser gives you the ability to Click-to-Dial phone numbers on web pages, send SMS messages, send faxes, schedule web meetings, and save contacts from Google Contacts direct to your PBX Contacts list.

Google Chrome Click-2-Call

This browser extension for Google Chrome will identify phone numbers found in web pages, and convert them into clickable links that can initiate a call with your PBX account using the ReachUC application.

CRM Integration

Loup for ReachUC allows users to login using their current phone system credentials for click to dial and screen pops inside any CRM.

Reach UC Connector

ReachUC Connector is a computer telephony integration (CTI) tool that runs as a native application on Microsoft Windows 7/8/10. It integrates a user’s PBX account with 120+ different CRM and contact management systems.

Outlook Add-In

This Add-In for MS Outlook will identify phone numbers in emails and contacts, and convert them into clickable links that initiate a call with your PBX account.

Reach UC for Outlook 365

This ReachUC add-in for Outlook 365 Online not only gives the user the ability to call, send SMS or fax to phone numbers found in email messages but also schedule meetings, save contacts to the PBX and act as a softphone via the keypad in the add-in.

WordPress Plug-In

This WordPress plugin allows you to create a “Call” button that initiates a call with your PBX account.