Yonder Contact Center

Yonder Contact Center is a fully featured all-in-one virtual contact center suite that includes ACD with Call Queuing, self-service via Interactive Voice Response (IVR), predictive outbound dialing, recording, administrative tools, and extensive integration capabilities.

Call Queuing

flexible routing

Round-robin (longest idle), Ring all, Linear Hunt, Linear Cascade, or skills based routing gives your organization options on how to present calls to agents and groups…



exceptional detail with simplicity

Run on-demand as well as scheduled reports detailing the efficiency of your agents and groups: abandoned calls, detailed queue and agent stats, dialed numbers, etc. Detail and report on calls handled, service levels, average talk times, average wait times, and much more for granular specific metrics to enhance your ability to provide excellence in customer service.


Supervisor Features

super simple administration

Supervisor features to allow oversight to each Queue. Set queues, design routing, log in and out agents, visually see status of all queues, available agents, idle agents, active calls and calls waiting. Provides a super simple interface to allow supervisors to easily manage large call volumes, groups, queues, and to see agent availability, status, and efficiencies.



capable without the cost

Yonder Contact Center is extremely flexible and allows on demand and immediate changes to the call routing and capability. Most Call Centers require massive changes, licensing, or pricing to accommodate changes to call routes, adding agents, adding supervisors, dashboards, etc…