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Forward Business Calls to Employee Cell Phones

  • by Donnie Evans

Yonder UC, a hosted voice provider, announces today that we will provide a cloud based voice service to any Nashville area small businesses that needs to route calls from their office to their employee cell phones for FREE during this COVID-19 outbreak and the Nashville area social distancing efforts.

We will setup a dedicated number for your business where you can call forward your main telephone number(s).  This will allow you to ring multiple cell phones immediately when your main number is dialed or can optionally allow you to record an Auto Attendant greeting that gives your customers the ability to dial employee extensions that match your current extensions.  The cloud service will route the call to your employees’ cell phone and cell phone voice mail for continuity of business.  This is being provided free of charge to all Nashville area small businesses.  Please contact us at 615-846-7780 if you would like to setup your temporary cloud voice service.  FREE, No Contracts, No Commitments… Just helping the Nashville area small business community where we can.